August 27th, 2013

27Aug1Time to relax!


9 thoughts on “August 27th, 2013

    • Thanks Susan! That’s one perk of being the resident little dog, he gets to sleep on the bed. I’m fostering Cheyenne and she was never allowed on the bed and sofa at her old place, so I don’t want to get her into bad habits before she finds a new home 🙂

      • Yeah, it didn’t even last one night for Sawyer, he just always thought that the bed is his and that I’m lucky I can be in there, too :). I guess it’s easier with the big dogs…

      • I’m not so sure, Buddie, our yellow never got on the furniture, but AJ our black lab started sneaking into bed with Mitch after I left for work in the mornings. After that we lost all control. We are down to just 2 dogs (both big) and they sleep in the bed with us. Good thing it’s a king sized bed.

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