August 13th, 2014


Come on Mom, you have to check out this tunnel!


12 thoughts on “August 13th, 2014

      • Cool, we’ve probably run into each other! We don’t go there a lot anymore, since there are too many dogs and Sawyer is not very comfortable around other dogs. We go to Millcreek Canyon and Killyon Canyon most of the time, those are great trails.

      • I have never been to either of those places before. 🙂 If you do go to Tanner park again, keep your eye out for the crazy brindle puppy on the bright orange leash! 🙂 I will have to try out Millcreek Canyon or Killyon Canyon some time. 🙂

      • Cool, will keep an eye out for you :). And you should try those 2 Canyons, it’s always a little cooler up there in the summer and there are not a lot of people…

  1. That is good. 🙂 My dog LOVES people, so we have to keep him on-leash most of the time at Tanner Park, because he will go swim, then he will run up and say hello to people, and he sometimes jumps. 🙂 I’m sure nobody there expects to go home clean, but I bet they would rather not be jumped on by a muddy, wet dog.
    Also– what breed is your dog?

    • LOL – yeah, my friend has one of those and I take him with me sometimes, I have to keep apologizing for all the jumping :). And Sawyer is a Jack Russell Terrier – high energy, but great personality 🙂

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