January 3rd, 2015

03Jan15_2No, I didn’t get groomed like a poodle for a show 🙂 . Remember when I was limping a couple weeks ago and we thought it was a sprain? Well, it was actually a broken hip caused by cancer in the bone – the hip could not be repaired and to take out the tumor I had surgery yesterday to amputate my bad leg. I’m feeling much better today and I’m back home with my Mom. I need to take it easy for a couple weeks, but should be up and running again soon. And you know that I’ll be faster on 3 legs than other dogs on 4 🙂

42 thoughts on “January 3rd, 2015

  1. Oh dear, I’m so sad to read what you have to go through. Hope you feel better soon. You are a JRT and you will never give up, I know. Wish you a speedy recovery to see you back at your best. Greetings from Germany.

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    Armer kleiner Sawyer. Der kleine lebhafte Jack-Russell-Terrier humpelte vor einiger Zeit und erst war da der Verdacht, es könnte eine Verstauchung sein. Schön wäre es gewesen. Leider war es dann aber ein bösartiger Knochentumor. In folge musste dem noch recht jungen Hund nun das rechte Hinterbein amputiert werden.

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  4. Oh Sawyer, I’m sorry. I know you will be fine though and you will be able to continue going on all of your adventures.

  5. Sawyer, I hadn’t been by your blog in a while, and I just now found out about your cancer and amputation. I’m so very sorry you and your people had to go through that. But I’m happy to see that, after a few weeks of recuperation, you were back to your adorable self. I especially loved your Halloween costume. 🙂 You are an inspiration to other dogs with physical challenges. xo

    • Thank you Amanda! It was very tough for a couple months, but he’s been doing so great, he really is back to his old self. He’s a tough little guy, so we’re hoping for the best. Glad you loved the Halloween costume, I thought it was funny :). Thanks again for your note!

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