January 6th, 2015

06Jan15_1You can call me Tripawd!


13 thoughts on “January 6th, 2015

  1. I saw the video you posted on facebook of Sawyer going for a walk. He seemed to be handling it just fine. How is he doing? How are you doing? Thinking about you both.

    • Thank you! The last couple weeks have been rough, and he’s not out of the woods yet, we’re still waiting to see what kind of cancer it is and hoping it will not spread. He’s slowly getting back to his old self though, which is so great to see.

      • I’m happy and amazed at how well he is bouncing back. How much longer do you have to wait to find out the test results?

      • I’ve been thinking about you and I’m not trying to be nosy but I’ve wondered if you’ve heard yet what kind of cancer. Love the pictures he looks like he’s doing wonderfully.

      • Thank you for thinking of us! Sawyer’s doing really great right now, back to his old self, running around, digging, just having fun. Unfortunately, the cancer is aggressive, and there’s nothing we can do at this point. We’re taking it one day at a time, hoping for the best. I’m just glad he’s not in pain right now and is having fun.

      • I’m sorry, that’s certainly not the news anyone was hoping for. He looks like he’s doing great and having fun in all the pictures. I’m glad he has you to take care of him. Giving you a hug.

  2. As terrible as this must be for you, and even Uschi, you are going to get SO much more attention now. Especially strangers! I’ll bet you’ll even get extra biscuits. You look great, Sawyer, and we think you’re doing a stellar job taking this all in! By the way, my parents and my grandparents all know your story and have been praying for a quick recovery!

    • Thank you Noodle and family! I can use the prayers, we’re still hoping the cancer is not spreading. You are right about the attention though, everybody is asking what happened and is giving me some extra pats :).

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