February 18th, 2016


My favorite day of every month – BarkBox day!! Look at all the cool stuff!


8 thoughts on “February 18th, 2016

  1. He looks so happy! But I was just wondering, what is a bark box? Is it just something that you buy that has a bunch of toys in it for your dog? I was just wondering. But, whatever it is it really makes him happy!

    • It’s a monthly box they sent to you which usually has 2 toys and some treats in it – all the treats are made in the US with natural ingredients, and the toys are tough, they last a long time. Sawyer loves getting the box, he can’t wait for me to open it :). They only deliver in the US and Canada, but I think other countries have similar ones.

    • I think it is Susan – what’s in the box is definitely worth the money you pay for it, I would spend at least the same amount if I would buy these items individually. You can also request toys for heavy chewers, which is what I did and the toys that we get are really tough and long lasting.

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