March 20th, 2016


Say Hi to my brother Hobbes – we’re enjoying the first day of spring!


5 thoughts on “March 20th, 2016

  1. Cute! I love that photo of you. I’ve never knew that you have had a kitty. Love his name! What is his age? I wish I could see you both at some time. To bad we are to far away and Momar would go crazy if he saw you, Sawyer. But as for them seeing the cat Tula would be fine since she already has been trained to like cats but as for Momar we are unsure since he has never been introduced but when he sees free and/or roaming cats he seems fine so we think that he has been trained before in his long and unsure life as we are his 4th home as we will always be his former owners from now on. Tula the Wonder Dog and Momar the Tiny but Mighty. 🙂

    • I don’t really like the kitty, I want to chase him :). His name is Hobbes and he was already around before my Mom adopted me. He’s 18, can you believe it?

      • Wow! Does she know how to train you to like the cat or have you tried that but it has not worked? Let me know if you’d like some advice on how to do it since I had a cat named Ravi awhile ago but we had to give him to someone else since we have allergies… Happy Easter

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